Submit a picture and brief story of your furry (or scaly) friend to petshowdown@gmail.com or simply tag #petshowdown on any social media account with their picture. Unlimited entries means you can enter your pet(s) every week as many times as you'd like! More entries, better odds ;)


Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You don't want to miss out on daily voting for the world's cutest pets! Not to mention your feed is filled with cute animals every single day!

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Do your part in selecting our season finalists! Polls are held M-Th on our social media accounts (preliminaries) and F-Sa on our home page (weekly Final Four). Weekly winners earn a spot in that month's Final Four. Monthly winners earn a spot as a season finalist. There will only be 9!


The more voters, the better! Especially if your pet is a contestant. Winners are selected by the total amount of votes received, so be sure to tell your friends and family all about it to rack up the most votes possible!


How are winners selected?

Throughout the day, votes are placed through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and our website. At the end of the day, we simply add the votes up from all platforms and select a winner.

What do weekly winners receive?

1. A feature article on our website's front-page and social media accounts. Once you win, we'll send you a short survey to fill out about you and your pet 2. A spot in our winners highlight on Instagram 3. A spot in the next round 4. Exposure. Exposure. Exposure to a sea of animal-loving followers

My pet wasn't selected :(

Don't worry! You can always try again! We receive a massive amount of submissions across mulitple platforms, so there is a chance your submission could have been overlooked. Don't be afraid to resubmit/rehashtag your photos!

Where do I vote on finalists?

All finalist voting (weekly, monthly, season finals) will be live on our website. Social media accounts will be used for voting on preliminary matches, aka voting on who earns a final four spot in the weekly finals.

Can any species enter?

Yes! We are not speciesist. We love and accept all pets of any kind!

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