The Story of Miss T, The Earless Cat

*Written by her owner, Ilona Kok (excuse the grammatical errors for she is Dutch)*

Miss T’s former owner was a drug addict who lived in a trailer. He let her get pregnant two or three times a year to sell the kittens online. He didn't even let her inside his trailer, so she lived outside, under caravans and in barns. He gave her the cheapest cat food he could find, to keep her alive.

Miss T. taking in life, January 2019.
Miss T. taking in life, January 2019.

When the guy suddenly died of a heart attack (she had lived this neglected life for more than 10 years) Miss T. went missing for a long time. After about 2 years she was found stumbling in a field nearby the camping, with a fractured leg. She was skin and bone and was in very bad shape.

A nice lady from the camping place that recognized her, lured her into her caravan with cat food, so she could be picked up by the animal ambulance.

When she was brought to the shelter, the vet thought she was pregnant. It turned out that she wasn't pregnant, she just had a very blown up belly from being pregnant almost her whole life.

In the shelter, they found out there was nothing to do about her leg. It has been fractured in the past and untreated, the bones had grown back together in a weird shape. They also found out that her heart does not work properly. Also, her sternum had been broken in the past. She must have been in so much pain, walking around with untreated, broken bones.

After two months, November 2015, she was adopted by her human. Her human bought ramps for Miss T. to get on the couch because she still can barely jump.

Just three weeks after adoption, her human finds out the "weird, innocent lump" on her right ear was bad cancer. Her ear had to be amputated to survive, so just a month after adoption, she was lying on the operation table. She recovered very quickly and was her human was really impressed by her resilience! She was up on her feet in no time and it seems Miss T. didn’t even notice her right ear was gone. She was all happy with her new life, safely and warm inside an apartment with unlimited access to food and cuddles.

Miss T. with one ear cat, November 2018.
Miss T. with one ear, November 2018.

Summer 2017, it seems her health was taking a turn to the worst. Miss T. stopped eating en felt pretty miserable. She also coughed a lot. After several tests's she was diagnosed with lung cancer and just a few weeks to live... Her human was very sad but was certain to make the last weeks the best weeks of her life. Besides being cuddled to death every day, she was on a high dose of medicines that made her feel very good and ate a lot of expensive, high calorie food.

Well, it turned out….. for nothing! The vet was wrong!! Months later, when doing test's again to see why she hasn’t died yet and seems to feel so good, it turned out she was "just" having chronic asthmatic bronchitis! Now she is still on a low dose of Prednisone to keep her breathing happily and not coughing, but she’s certainly not dying from lung cancer.

Again, December 2018, Miss T. and her human were challenge with yet another medical issue. Her remaining, left ear showed a warning lump that appears to be a cancerous tumor, again! This time unfortunately, it wasn’t a wrong diagnoses.

Because Miss T. was three years older in comparison to the first amputation, it was a hard discussion going for another amputation or not... What's in her benefit? Is her heart strong enough? Her human’s biggest nightmare was letting her go through a second amputation, which she would never really recover, making her last period on earth unnecessarily horrible.

After long thinking, she decided it wasn't her time yet. Her quality of life was too good to let this be the end. Miss T., with her old body and formerly broken bones, was even playing and attempting to run after cat toys, convincing her human she was strong and lively enough to go through a second amputation. She deserved it!

Because of swelling after the operation, Miss T. had to do some more recovery after the second amputation. First days after surgery where pretty miserable, but after the 4th day Miss T. went all back to normal again. She started eating and even played with a robe just a week after surgery! She might still not know she lost her remaining ear and became a beautiful seal.

Miss T. post-surgery, January 2019
Miss T. post-surgery, January 2019.

By the way, she probably ended up getting ear cancer twice, because she lived outside for more than 12 years, getting sunburns on her white, and slightly hairless ears.

Despite all Miss T. and her human went threw, her human says adopting her was the best choice she ever made. Knowing what she had gone through and seeing her that happy every day is truly a blessing and worth all the medical problems.

Every other day Miss T. gets medication for her bronchitis. And little ramps are helping her to get where she wants in the house, as she can’t really jump. But apart from that, she's spending her days snoring on the balcony, getting pet and rubbing her head on every object she can find in the house.

Her human almost can’t imagine Miss T. lived such a hard life outside for so long. Miss T. is a real couch potato these days, for preference with her human next to her. Sometimes she starts purring just when her human walks in her direction, also, when getting pet, she gets so excited she starts drooling. Her human is really happy Miss T. experienced the goodness of people at the end.

Miss T.’s year of birth is estimated around 2003, which makes her pretty old. And especially given her bad heart, her life expectancy still isn't really great. But that's not stopping her from enjoying every minute of her retired life now!

Thank you for reading and have a good day!


Ilona Kok & Miss T.

Miss T. enjoying the sun and living her happiest life, February 2019.
Miss T. enjoying the sun and living her happiest life, February 2019.

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