Submit your pictures and funny videos now!

Welcome all!

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm the Pet Professor, your host of Pet Showdown. I'm in charge of selecting daily contestants from the submissions; you guys do the rest! I'll also be releasing heartwarming stories, funny videos, choosing the charity of the month, and posting some of my favorite submissions that didn't make the cut yet (keep trying until you win!).

So how do you submit an entry?

That's easy!

1. Simply send us pictures of your pet and a story why it is #1 to or hashtag #petshowdown on any social media account. We pick 2 contestants a day and our audience does the rest. If you have some funny videos, send those too. Just make sure you put "funny" in the email's subject line.

2. That's all! You may enter as many times as you please and remember, if selected, the winners are selected on vote totals. Be sure to tell all your friends and family to vote in order to move your pet into the next round!

Good luck and we hope see your little pal soon!

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